CV Risk Calculator

Download the latest version of the cardiovascular risk calculator for primary and secondary prevention, which has been designed by the vascular risk foundation.

Primary prevention: the calculator displays numbers of 10 year risk for the FRAMINGHAM and the SCORE risk. You may choose a calibration factor. If agreement betweent the two calculators is not present, a warning is displayed. You may enter either chronological or arterial age. Arterial age may be defined by coronary calcifications or total plaque area of carotid arteries. The calculator displays also suggestions for the use of 100 mg Aspirin in primary care and the use of Rivaroxaban vascular in your patients.

Seconcary prevention: The calculator is based on the work of Dorresteijn (Circulation. 2013;127:2485-2493) and adopted for 10 year risk by the vascular risk foundation. In order to account for a third after a second event, which we estimate to occur in 50% of cases in 5 years, the 10 year risk is corrected with 1.25.